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I have a friend who's abused by his parents and he needs to get OUT of there as soon he graduates high school The parents are SO controlling they refuse to let him learn to drive or even get a job. It's a very rural Bible-Belt town on top of a mountain. The father is some kind of minister and "rules" over the whole town. The police and anyone who could possibly help my friend is on the side of the father. That's just the way it works in a lot of these small towns.

He wants to leave "home" when he graduates, but that's impossible without money. The nearest homeless shelter is over fifteen minutes away by car and like I said, he's on the top of a mountain.

I want to start a Go Fund Me for him so he can get out of that hellhole, get an apartment and job and finally start living his own life. But I don't have a clue about how to set one up.